- Patented retention system

 - Height and Cant adjustments for both the holster and mag holder

 - Converts to OWB for your range days

 - Low profile, smooth, injection molded finish

 - Concealment device keeps you from printing

 - Detachable mag holder

 - Countersunk screws so you never scratch your finish

 - A portion of every sale goes to the Special Forces Foundation

 - RGT is owned and operated by Special Forces Operators. 


RGT's Injection-Molded IWB holster features a low profile, minimal, smooth design. We spent years producing the prototypes. Running these holsters all across the world in real-world operations we can say for a fact, they are comfortable, reliable, and as customizable as your going to find on the market. Need an OWB for a quick range visit? No problem, these holsters convert to OWB allowing you to utilize your Mag Holder on your weak side, and holster on your shooting side. Our built-in concealment device keeps you from printing while securing your pistol close to your waistline. The Mag Holder is detachable, adjustable for cant, and as low profile as you can get. The holster itself features height adjustment as well as cant adjustments. With countersunk screws your never going to scratch your pistol. On top of all of that our patented pistol retention system flows WITH the pistol, not against it, as your standard screw retention would. The 2 o-ring patented design flexes as you holster and draw your weapon. Don't like the retention of your holster, no problem, just add or remove o-rings, depending on what you are looking for, and your good to go. No more lock-tight!


G17- Modular Holster System